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Ghoul on Ghoul

Jun 6, 2019

Amanda and Sarah get lost in some unexplained disappearances. Sarah heads to North Carolina for the tragically bonkers story of Zebb Quinn, a young man who went missing without a trace in 2000, leaving behind a car filled with clues that led to more questions than answers. Amanda covers the history of people disappearing or being transported to another time and place by a mysterious fog or mist, including the vanished Battalion of World War I and the people lost to Mount Nyangani in Zimbabwe. Other subjects covered include dog mommy drama, Gemini season, and a cast-iron sex toy.


Sarah recommends the neural net cat name generator, Amanda recommends the 2012 documentary, The Imposter


Wikipedia/Zebb Quinn

The Charley Project-Zebb Wayne Quinn

The Lineup (The Strange Case of Zebb Quinn’s Disappearance)

Dailymotion (Disappeared Just a Nice Guy)
Listverse (10 Bizarre Disappearances Connected To Strange Cloud-Like Mist)
Historic UK (The Lost Sandringhams the Lost Battalion)
Mysterious Universe (Vanishings and High Strangeness at Africa’s Cursed Mountain)
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