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Ghoul on Ghoul

Apr 25, 2019

Amanda and Sarah cover two completely bonkers cult cases. Sarah begins with the shocking case of Clementine Barnabet, considered one of the first African-American female serial killers, and the Voodoo cult murders. Amanda goes for something a little less intense with the story of Herbert Arthur Sloane and Our Lady of Endor Coven, a Satanic cult with a questionable existence. Other subjects covered include a kickbox mommy, a weird jazz moment, and an old school term for bisexuality.


Sarah recommends the podcast "Fruit Loops: Serial Killers of Color."

Amanda recommends diving into the original Twilight Zone, now on most major streaming platforms. 


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Wikipedia/Witch of Endor

The Satanic Mass of Herbert Sloane

Church of Satan (Regarding Herbert A. Sloane and his affiliation with the Church of Satan)

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