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Ghoul on Ghoul

Apr 11, 2019

Amanda and Sarah ascend to different planes for an episode about astral projection and a famous spiritualist. Amanda takes a cue from Episode 45: Frau Diquefardt to discuss the life and times of Ada Goodrich Freer, a medium, psychical researcher, and all-around hustler whose legacy was determined by sexist f*ckboy historians. Sarah explains some of the spiritual and scientific beliefs, and half-baked theories surrounding the phenomenon known as astral projection. Other subjects covered include a novelty fish lawyer, an unlikely public radio DJ, and a sex dream with the mayor. 


It's a Netflix twofer: Sarah recommends watching Russian Doll, while Amanda recommends watching season two of The OA.


Scientific American (Chasing the Quantum Tantra)

Wikipedia/astral projection

The Astral World

Bustle (What Is Astral Projection? Here’s What To Know About Literal Out-Of-Body Experiences)

The Strange Story of Ada Goodrich Freer by Trevor H. Hall 

Wikipedia/Ada Goodrich Freer Goodrich Freer

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