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Ghoul on Ghoul

Apr 4, 2019

Amanda and Sarah focus more on the sex-positive aspect of the podcast with Jessie Sage, a sex and social justice advocate, writer, academic, and fellow podcaster who, among other things, co-hosts the Peepshow Podcast and writes the sex advice column for the Pittsburgh City Paper. She gives her take on a variety of issues, including squirting, humiliation fetishes, and phone sex. She also showcases her wealth of knowledge on topics like religion, cults, and the mechanics of alien impregnation porn. 


Jessie recommends watching The Sopranos and The Deuce and highlights various writers covering issues related to sex work and sex worker rights.

You can follow Jessie on at her website, on Twitter @sapiotextual, and Instagram @curvaceous.sage.

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Note: We had some recording issues with this episode so please forgive the uneven audio.