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Ghoul on Ghoul

Nov 29, 2018

Amanda and Sarah take on three cannibal cases from the 1940s to now. Sarah kicks it off with the jaw-dropping story of Leonarda Cianciulli, a serial killer dubbed "The Soap-Maker of Correggio" for the gruesome ways she disposed of her victims. Amanda details the very recent crimes of Natalia Baksheeva and Dmitry Baksheev, a married couple in Russia who claimed to have murdered and eaten 30 people, and briefly touches on Joe Metheny, a 1990s Baltimore serial who turned two people into barbeque. Other subjects covered include multilingual animal sounds, bloody desserts, and adequate wigs.

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Sarah adds to Amanda's previous recommendation to watch The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina series on Netflix. Amanda recommends checking out Alternate Histories for holiday gifts.  


The Soap Making Murderess

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