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Ghoul on Ghoul

Nov 8, 2018

Amanda and Sarah finally discuss sex with ghosts! Sarah looks into the history of how incubi and succubi tricked people - including a German woman and a Pope - into having sex with them. Amanda returns to the present with Amanda Teague's spiritual marriage and ghost dick whisperer, Amethyst Realm, as well as the unfortunate tale of Ed Booker. Other subjects covered include a very weird dream, the shock of seeing your own vag, and the supernatural sexiness of Baywatch: Nights.


Amanda recommends watching the Netflix series The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina


NY Post ("TV host slut-shames woman who says she had sex with 20 ghosts"/"Woman who had sex with 20 ghosts is now engaged to a spirit")

UK Mirror ("Girlfriend dumps partner 'after ghost of 7ft circus ringmaster followed him home from exorcism'")

"Elf Queens and Holy Friars: Fairy Beliefs and the Medieval Church" by Richard Firth Green

"Demon Lovers: Witchcraft, Sex, and the Crisis of Belief" by Walter Stephens

Facts About Succubi, The Alluring And Misunderstood Demon Women

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