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Ghoul on Ghoul

Oct 31, 2018

Warning: This episode begins with a discussion about the Tree of Life shooting in Pittsburgh. We understand that this topic might be too distressing for some listeners. If you are such a listener, please feel free to skip ahead to 13:18.

Amanda and Sarah welcome guest Jamie Agnello, a writer/actor/florist who likes to say "I come from ghost people." She talks about her super intuitive family and their ability to see/communicate with the dead, including deceased relatives, a nun friend, a wandering graveyard ghost, and a little girl who just wants to be held. Other subjects covered include a Dave Matthews alter ego, getting spooked by Ed and Lorraine Warren, and more Lily Dale stories. 


Jamie recommends you see her play Mary Shelley in Midnight Radio's Frankenstein at Bricolage. 

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