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Ghoul on Ghoul

Sep 27, 2018

Amanda and Sarah cover true crime with a supernatural twist. Amanda goes all the way back to the late 1800s with the tale of the Greenbrier Ghost, the only known conviction determined by testimony from beyond the grave. Sarah goes for a much more recent case by delving into the spooky and tragic details surrounding the mysterious deaths of the Jamison family. Other subjects covered include a creepy clown hallucination, obsessing over purse contents, and dream celeb podcast listeners.


Sarah recommends checking the book rec thread on the Ghoul on Ghoul Twitter feed.

Amanda recommends reading the weirdly funny, Gothic, magic realist tale What Should Be Wild by Julia Fine. 


Mysterious Universe (The Bizarre Case of the Jamison Family Deaths)

All That's Interesting (He Said His House Was Haunted – Then His Family Disappeared)

Daily Mail

io9 (5 Gruesome Real-Life Murders That Inspired Spooky Ghost Stories)

Prairie Ghosts (The Greenbrier Ghost)

Murder by Gaslight (Zona Heaster Shue - The Greenbrier Ghost)

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