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Ghoul on Ghoul

Aug 30, 2018

Amanda and Sarah celebrate the start of a new school year with stories about K-12 and collegiate ghosts. Amanda gives a rundown of haunted Pittsburgh schools, including the four most famous ghosts at the University of Pittsburgh. Sarah goes into the spirits at Catawba College and Chatham University and throws in a haunted house story straight out of North Carolina. Other subjects covered include diaper play, a Guy Pearce thirst rec, and a Casablanca remake with McDonald's mascots.


We recommend you listen to the haunted mixtape released by guest Tyler Crumrine from Episode 08: Clint Eastwood's Inverted Nipples.


Salisbury Post (They’re not alone: Ghost appearances keep life interesting for local family)

Chatham U (Students gather to discuss Chatham folklore for Halloween)

Mystic Sciences (Ghosts of Chatham University of Pittsburgh)

PAranormal (and True Crime)-Chatham University

University of Pittsburgh (BOO! Haunted Pitt)

Her Campus (The Four Ghosts that Haunt Pitt's Campus)

The Pitt News (Ghosts of Pittsburgh)


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