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Ghoul on Ghoul

Sep 30, 2021

Amanda and Sarah go classic cryptid with primers on newer Bigfoot encounters and older vampires. Amanda covers 21st century Bigfoot sightings across the U.S. Sarah covers the medieval English undead beings known as Revenants and how they connect with modern vampire lore. Other subjects covered include off-brand Caboodles, bad stage makeup, and affirmational death metal. 


Sarah and Amanda both rec and don't rec the new horror movie Malignant


  • The Conversation (Older than Dracula: in search of the English vampire)
  • Fordham University (William of Newburgh:  Book Five)
  • Independent (Scientists uncover medieval remains of the first English 'living dead')
  • The Guardian (Medieval villagers mutilated the dead to stop them rising, study finds)
  • “Repentant Soul or Walking Corpse? Debatable Apparitions in Medieval Englandl" by Jacqueline Simpson, Folklore, Dec., 2003, Vol. 114

  • KDAK (Mysterious Footprints On Pa. Property Lead Couple To Call ‘Godfather’ Of Bigfoot Hunters)
  • BFRO (Recent encounter behind Warehouse 24 Gym on the outskirts of Ashland)
  • Richland Source (Bigfoot? Woman reports sasquatch encounter outside gym in Ashland)
  • Bangor Daily News (Bigfoot in Maine? 10-foot-tall ‘wild man’ was killed in 1886, newspapers reported/Mainers’ frightening encounters with Bigfoot highlighted in new book and film)
  • Youtube (Provo Canyon Bigfoot Encounter? by Beard Card)
  • Fox 13 Salt Lake City (VIDEO: A Bigfoot sighting in Provo Canyon?)
  • Denver Post (Pa. man says he caught image of Bigfoot)
  • The Sun (BEAST IS BACK ‘Best Bigfoot sighting ever’ as bizarre footage captures mysterious figure moving through a US forest)
  • The Guardian (‘I am now truly afraid of the woods’: behind the hunt for Sasquatch)

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