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Ghoul on Ghoul

Jul 8, 2021

Amanda and Sarah can't drive 55 for this episode about cases connected to highways and bi-ways. Amanda indulges her twin fearsination with the story of Ursula and Sabina Eriksson, identical Swedish sisters who pulled a shocking folis a deux on the M6 motorway in England. Sarah pulls to the side of the road for a look at phantom hitchhikers. Other topics include bad improv, pre-teen coffee, and clear plastic kink. 


Amanda recommends the Netflix true-crime series Sophie: A Murder In West Cork and the movie Dead Ringers


  • The Vanishing Hitchhiker at Fifty-Five by Gillian Bennett Source: Western Folklore, Winter, 1998, Vol. 57
  • The Vanishing Hitchhiker by Richard K. Beardsley and Rosalie Hankey Source: California Folklore Quarterly , Oct., 1942, Vol. 1
  • Wikipedia/The Suffolk Miracle
  • The Skeptic (Have we seen the last of the vanishing phantom hitchhiker?)
  • Mary Hallberg (The vanishing hitchhiker legend)
  • North Carolina Ghosts (Lydia, The Phantom Hitchhiker)
  • West Hawaii Today (Madame Pele’s story: Island’s most revered goddess, passed through generations, runs as deep as her lava)
  • Vice (The Twins Who Ran into Traffic Before Stabbing a Man to Death)
  • Wikipedia/Ursula and Sabina Eriksson
  • BBC News (M6 dash woman jailed over killing)
  • Daily Mail (Woman locked up for making mad dash across M6 stabbed stranger to death the day after she was released from jail)
  • Madness in the Fast Lane (BBC, 2010)
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