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Ghoul on Ghoul

Dec 24, 2020

Amanda and Sarah cover sex workers' rights, cannibalistic scarecrows, and messy murders. First, the ghouls welcome commentary by Shawna Scott of Sex Siopa and former guest Jessie Sage of Peepshow Media as they cover issues with Pornhub, Instagram's new restrictive Terms of Service, and a new bill and regulations that could do serious harm to sex workers and performers. For resources, follower recommendations, and more, click here.

Sarah then has a very un-merry Christmas with Hans Trapp, a Franco-German holiday legend who eats children. Amanda goes on the run with Sharon Kinne, a wife and mother turned multinational murderer dubbed La Pistolera. Other subjects covered included porridge porn, hot tub flashbacks, and personalized ghost fanfic.


Amanda recommends the HBO show The Flight Attendant. Sarah recommends (kinda) The Queen's Gambit


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