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Ghoul on Ghoul

May 14, 2020

Amanda and Sarah settle in for a look at ballads and bad dads. Sarah talks about the long tradition of folk balladry and the mystical Scottish fairy ballad about Tam Lin. Amanda goes full true crime with her own hometown murder story about David Crist, a piece of inhuman garbage who murdered/tried to murder his own family and also framed several prints in her house. Other subjects include COVID-19 party planning, casting Tam Lin, and framing your way to prosperity.


Sarah and Amanda recommended many things. They had a lot to talk about after being physically separated for so long. 


“Ballads of Blood; the Wyrd and the Uncanny in the Child Ballads" by Grey Malkin from Folk Horror Revival: Harvest Hymns. Volume I- Twisted Roots

Tam Lin Balladry

Vox (This Halloween-set medieval Scottish ballad is incredibly pro-choice)

Wikipedia/Tam Lin


AP News (Daughter: ‘Daddy Held Me Down And The Truck Went Over Me’)

Washington Post (Blood Relations, Blood Money?)

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