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Ghoul on Ghoul

May 10, 2018

Welcome to the first official episode of Ghoul on Ghoul! This week, Amanda and Sarah introduce themselves and share their favorite spooky Southwestern PA legends - the Green Man of Beaver County (AKA Charlie No-Face) and Dead Man's Hollow, an allegedly haunted conservation area in Allegheny County.

Other subjects covered include Amanda's confounding obsession with the movie Jack & Jill, the logistics of using a rubber sex torso, the crazy mystery surrounding "Big Nose George" Manuse, and erotic furry art.

Recommendation: Unexplained podcast's three-part series "We Are the Witchcraft" 

Sources: Three Rivers Haunts & History, Wikipedia bc Sarah is garbage, "Green Man's Legend Continues to Grow" by the inimitable Bob Batz, Jr., Atlas Obscura

Please note: Amanda's mic cut out halfway through so the sound quality drops off a bit. But it's fine! Please be patient as we stumble our way into this world of pod.