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Ghoul on Ghoul

Feb 6, 2020

Amanda and Sarah get very giggly in this especially offbeat episode. Sarah stays local with The Pig Lady of Cannelton, a real paranormal feast with all the trimmings, including elements of true crime, haunted encounters, history, and so much more. Amanda comes in hot with a side of mustard when she describes Pretzels for God, a food-based religious movement started in the 1970s. Other subjects covered include a Grimm movie review, car candles, and fabulously festive egg smashing. 


Amanda recommends the 2012 found-footage horror movie, Leaving D.C. 


Facebook-'The Pig Lady' - And other tales of Haunted Cannelton

Trib Live (Pittsburgh author: ‘Supernatural’ generally can be explained)

Tony Lavorgne’s Legends & Lore Podcast 

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Weird Universe-Pretzels for God

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Houston Chronicle (The Twisting Religious Plot of the Pretzel)
 Marlene McCauley's National Pretzel Convention speech,1974
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