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Ghoul on Ghoul

Jan 10, 2020

Amanda and Sarah get all historical with two very different topics. Amanda heads to 1876 to unearth the poorly executed plot to rob Abraham Lincoln's grave. Sarah details the fascinating life - and afterlife - of Nell Gwyn, the famously witty and charming mistress to King Charles II. Other subjects covered include the possibly grisly origins of Amanda's new dog, New Year's resolutions, and sexualizing sandwiches. 


Amanda recommends the new Netflix monster movie Sweetheart. Sarah recommends the adapted horror series NOS4A2.


- Mistresses: A History of the Other Woman by Elizabeth Abbott
- Hamhigh
- Spooky Isles 
- Great British Ghost Tour
- American Heritage (The Plot To Steal Lincoln’s Body)
- U.S. News (A Plot to Steal Lincoln's Body)
- Wikipedia/Funeral and burial of Abraham Lincoln
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