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Ghoul on Ghoul

May 16, 2019

Amanda and Sarah find religion with an episode about Southwestern PA churches, cemeteries, and clergy members. Amanda covers Paranormal Pastor Robin Swope and his story about the Mold Man, and the unexplained occurrences at the Dravo Cemetery in Elizabeth, PA. Sarah gives an especially emotional history of the unusual Maxo Vanka murals in the St. Nicholas Croatian Catholic Church in Millvale, PA. Other subjects covered include foot troubles, football nuns, and a really gross euphemism for vaginal sex. 


Amanda does not recommend the movie The Nun. Sarah recommends the Netflix horror film Mercy Black


Pittsburgh City Paper (Mural Dilemma)

Ghost in Millvale Church Seen by Painter of Murals

Atlas Obscura (Murals of Maxo Vanka)

Blogger (The Paranormal Pastor)

Real Zombies, the Living Dead, and Creatures of the Apocalypse

Wikipedia/Dravo Cemetery

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Tales of unexplained sights and sounds echo along Youghiogheny River Trail)

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