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Ghoul on Ghoul

Dec 13, 2018

Amanda and Sarah take an extra festive ride into the world of creepy, non-Krampus holiday creatures. Amanda kicks things off with Grýla, an Icelandic giantess believed to steal and eat naughty children around Christmastime, as well as her strange and varied sons, the Yule Lads, and pet, the Yule Cat. Sarah gives some insight to the 12 Days of Christmas and the many beliefs surrounding Hulda (AKA Frau Holle, Holda, Holla), a fascinating ancient Germanic deity associated with winter. Other subjects covered include hot holiday ghosts, Björk impressions, and tossing Mothman's salad.

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Amanda and Sarah recommend the Scandinavian holiday horror film Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale. Sarah non-recommends checking out the new horror film The Lodgers. Amanda gives a ringing endorsement for the new film Mandy