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Ghoul on Ghoul

Jul 7, 2022

Amanda and Sarah surprise each other with a shocking song origin and morbid fashion trend. Amanda reports on the connections between an assault on TV newsman Dan Rather, a random murder, and a hit by the band R.E.M. Sarah once again revisits the French Revolution for a look at how the major event inspired a wave of hairstyles and clothing. Other subjects covered include a radical feminist monster truck, plus bird facts, and Soviet chic.


  • The Transcript (Coiffure à la victime: The Urban Legend of the Guillotine Haircuts)
  • Timeline (The protest haircut that defied the guillotine during the French Revolution)
  • Wikipedia/Incroyables and merveilleuses
  • Rolling Stone (Flashback: Dan Rather’s ‘Kenneth, What Is the Frequency?’ Assault Inspires R.E.M., Game Theory)
  • New York Times (Belatedly, the Riddle of an Attack on Rather Is Solved)
  • Playbill (Dan Rather Attack Controversy Plays Out on Stage in Kenneth — What is the Frequency?)
  • LA Times (Guilty Plea Ends NBC Shooting Case)
  • "What's the Frequency, Kenneth?" - R.E.M.

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