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Ghoul on Ghoul

Jun 23, 2022

Amanda and Sarah go all-natural with deadly water features and weird animals. Sarah looks at the fascinating and sometimes dangerous appeal of waterfalls and the "lovers' leap" phenomenon. Amanda goes wild with stories about creepy critters like snakes, rats, and eels, as well as emus. Other subjects covered include a sleepwalking incident, a Bigfoot festival rundown, and another panty discussion. 


Amanda recommends the 1974 horror film Deathdream.


This episode is sponsored by the Mattress Factory museum and its Urban Garden Party: ZODIAC taking place on Friday, August 12. Experience one of the most anticipated events in Pittsburgh, returning after a two-year hiatus to delight you with astrology and occult-themed activities, as well as cocktails, food, live music, dancing, and more. For more info, visit

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