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Ghoul on Ghoul

Dec 9, 2021

Amanda and Sarah stay true to their dynamic with a look at an antique affliction and a road trip gone wrong. Sarah explains Glass Delusion, a mostly medieval-era condition where the sufferer believes their bones. body parts or surroundings are made of glass. Amanda heads back to Australia for the mystery of the Tromp family disappearance. Other topics covered include smoke-free bars, regional pizzas, and audio-only Friends


Sarah kind of recommends the EPIX horror series Chapelwaite. Amanda kind of recommends the 1977 horror film The Hills Have Eyes, and definitely recommends the 1978 movie The Shout and the YouTube channel Shrouded Hand. 


  • JSTOR (The French King Who Believed He Was Made of Glass)
  • History Channel (The Delusion That Made Nobles Think Their Bodies Were Made of Glass)
  • Psychology Today (The Glass Delusion of Early Modern Europe)
  • History of Psychiatry, Sage Publishing, "An odd kind of melancholy: reflections on the glass delusion in Europe (1440-1680)" by Gill Speak
  • BBC News (The people who think they are made of glass)
  • BBC Culture (The princess who thought she was made of glass)
  • Daily Mail (Eerie photos of the Tromps' abandoned home)
  • Daily Mail (EXCLUSIVE - As if NOTHING had ever happened: Tromp family are all back working on the family farm)
  • BBC News (Tromp family: The mystery of a tech-free road trip gone wrong)
  • (Riana Tromp speaks about bizarre roadtrip in first interview)
  • Buzzfeed (This Is The Story Behind The Bizarre Road Trip Of A Missing Family)
  • Buzzfeed Unsolved: The Bizarre Road Trip Of A Missing Family - YouTube

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