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Ghoul on Ghoul

Sep 2, 2021

Amanda and Sarah talk parasites and headless prospectors for this episode. Sarah reveals the fascinatingly freaky side of nature with a look at zombies ants, toxoplasmosis, and the Braconid wasp. Amanda heads north to Canada for a look at the terrifying history of the Nahanni Valley. Other subjects covered include chain restaurant rankings, stripper wells, and vodka sodas.


Amanda recommends the films Let's Scare Jessica to Death and The Boys From Brazil


  • The Atlantic (How Your Cat Is Making You Crazy/Do Cats Control My Mind/How the Zombie Fungus Takes Over Ants' Bodies)
  • Live Science (Can a cat parasite control your mind?)
  • Galveston County Master Gardeners (Braconid wasp)
  • Fodor's Travel (The Haunting History of This Canadian National Park)
  • Maclean's (Valley of Mystery, March 15, 1947)
  • Wikipedia/Nahanni National Park Reserve
  • CBC (Families call for case of mysterious 2005 deaths to be reopened)
  • TIME (Canada: NORTHWEST TERRITORIES: Home of Devils?,
  • Ten Rivers: Adventure Stories from the Arctic b
  • There is Something in the Valley - Bedtime Stories (Youtube)