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Ghoul on Ghoul

Jun 24, 2021

Amanda and Sarah assign each other heavy-hitters for this episode. Amanda looks into the origins of Ed and Lorraine Warren and what led to them becoming two of the world's most famous paranormal investigators. Sarah heads to France for the Beast of Gévaudan, a legendary lycanthrope that terrorized a provincial region from 1764 and 1767. Other subjects covered include pool trauma, bad acne products, and impressive pants. 


Sarah recommends the horror movie Saint Maud. Amanda recommends the new Netflix fantasy series Sweet Tooth. 


The Beast of the Forest, by Tom Griffiths, RCC Perspectives No. 1,
The Edges of Environmental History
Monsters of the Gévaudan: The Making of a Beast by Jay M. Smith
Pubic Domain Review-The Beast of Gévaudan (1764–1767)