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Ghoul on Ghoul

Apr 1, 2021

Amanda and Sarah forego pranks for some harmless April Fools fun with non-spooky, non-scary content and listener stories. Amanda explains her new fascination with theme park disasters and duds, including a look at Freedomland U.S.A. and more. Sarah offers bits of strange trivia with a fishy French spring ritual and the Turnspit dog. Other subjects covered include community theater bloopers, cross-stitching competitions, and disturbing teeth. 


Amanda recommends the YouTube channels Fascinating Horror and Defunctland, and the documentary Class Action Park. Sarah recommends the film My Neighbor Totoro.


French Together (Poisson d’avril ! Why the French say “April Fish” instead of “April Fool’s”)

History Daily (Vernepator Cur: A Tale Of Turnspit Dogs)

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