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Ghoul on Ghoul

Oct 1, 2020

Amanda and Sarah welcome back Tyler Crumrine for a super nerdy, super fun look at tabletop RPGs. Tyler explains how COVID-19 has changed how people play and how it has influenced his process as a game designer. Also discussed are some of the spooky and sexy indie games available, and how they can be used to safely explore consent and identity. Other subjects covered include a surprise deodorant ingredient, a possible case of airport scabies, and a game full of weens. 


Tyler recommends checking out his indie RPG BeakFeather, & Bone.

Sarah recommends the HBO folk horror show The Third Day. Amanda recommends the horror-comedy Extra Ordinary, The Babysitter movies on Netflix, the Hulu coming-of-age comedy Pen15, and the horror fiction podcast The Fountain Road Files

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