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Ghoul on Ghoul

Sep 10, 2020

Amanda and Sarah do the thing with one incredible true crime case and a couple of very bad dogs. Amanda cleans up with the story of the Three Sisters in Black and the bathtub tragedy, a bizarre 1909 murder involving a trio of truly awful women. Sarah returns to one of her favorite subjects - Black Dogs - with the Gubblecote Witch and Lady Mary Howard. Other subjects covered include Ghibli-esque nap spirits, sweat stains, and Funkos, the Beanie Babies of today. 


A Deed without a Name by Andrew Sanders

Black Dog Folklore by Mark Norman

Three Sisters in Black: The Bizarre True Case of the Bathtub Tragedy by Norman Ziebold 

The Lineup (Sister Act: The Bizarre Drowning of Ocey Snead)

NY Daily News (The sisters in black: The murder of Ocey Snead, 1909)

Wikipedia/Ocey Snead

New Jersey History's Mysteries (THE EAST ORANGE BATHTUB MYSTERY)