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Ghoul on Ghoul

Jul 9, 2020

Amanda and Sarah get in your head with a look at collective dreaming. Amanda starts off with the visions that preceded the Aberfan mining disaster and how it influenced the work of psychiatrist John Barker, before going into some theories behind why people have prophetic dreams. Sarah unpacks This Man, an internet legend about a dream man reportedly seen by numerous people around the world. Other topics include a potato-screwing sprite and a sex toy rental service. 


Amanda recommends the 1986 sci-fi drag race movie The Wraith, the 2017 Argentinian horror film Terrified, and the latest Grady Hendrix book The Southern Book Club's Guide to Slaying Vampires. Sarah recommends the horror anthology series Channel Zero


The New Yorker (The Psychiatrist Who Believed People Could Tell the Future)

Wikipedia/Aberfan disaster (How the 1966 Aberfan Mine Disaster Became Elizabeth II's Biggest Regret)

Daily Mail (Can your dreams predict the future? The intriguing book that examines the psychology of the paranormal)

Mysterious Universe (Have You Ever Dreamed of This Man? Probably Not)

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